Server Colocation Services

Server Colocation Services

The best way to generate a low cost optimal solution in most project such as web projects, central accounting, database needs, custom mail server, proxy between branches, and vpn solution is to keep your server in a professional data center.

Our company has been serving with a infrastructure and technical team to meet your needs from a single server to a multi-purpose public/private network involving dozens of servers.

In addition to standard hosting, if you need especially complex and a different network configuration appropriate for your own business logic, you can benefit from our design and implementation services.

The topics that we serve:

  • Public/private Network Installation
  • Spesific QoS adjustments for your VLAN
  • Traffic classification and prioritisation for your server cluster
  • Load balancing for web services and master/slave databases
  • Synchronization of domestic/abroad servers
  • Connection between branches
  • Common web proxy, traffic classification and reporting between branches
  • PPTP VPN, SSL VPN, IpSEC applications
  • Central firewall and IDS system applications